Life after Death

Cooke, Tony

Rediscovering life after the loss of a loved one.

Is there life after death?

You may have picked up this book for one of several reasons. Perhaps someone you love has died and you need comfort in this challenging time, wisdom on how to put matters into perspective, and strength to move on with your life. Maybe you are trying to make sense of what happened, and you wonder if anything will ever be normal again.

Perhaps you have a friend who has lost a loved one and you feel inadequate to help him or her. Your heart goes out to your friend, but you just don't know what to say. Or maybe you simply desire to be better prepared and equipped for helping others when the inevitable losses of life occur.

This book is not a magic wand that will instantly make the pain vanish. Neither will Life After Death provide you with a quick fix for a friend who is hurting. But these pages contain insights from God's Word and personal reflections from those who have walked the road you are now walking. These insights will be a source of strength, comfort, and valuable information to assist you in your journey.

In more than two decades of pastoral ministry, Rev. Tony Cooke has been with many families before, during, and after the death of their loved ones. He has witnessed both the human pain of loss and the divine comfort offered by the Holy Spirit.

In Life After Death, you will find comfort and solace for a grieving heart. You will also discover solutions for surviging the death of a loved one, as Tony Cooke:

-Explains the gradual stages of grief recovery.

-Discusses ways to deal with guilt, shock and anger.

-Answers tough questions about God's role in and perspective on death.

-Covers the reality of heaven and the certainly of an afterlife.

-Deals with difficult subjects such as miscarriage, suicide, and premature death.

-Addresses the popular phenomenon of spiritualism, or communicating with the dead.

-Offers practical ways to minister to the bereaved.

Though each of us experiences different types of loss in life, the comfort and strength of God are available to us all. As you read through these pages, may God speak to you through His Word and comfort you by His Spirit, enabling you to rediscover life after the loss of a loved one.



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